Only Stripper Shoes
Hey I'm laying with my topless fiance but I want better tits to play with. Her friends are perfect how do I tell her I wanna titfuck her friend

lol that’s a really funny questione babe… well I don’t know, is your girl into threesomes? if she is not, I think you might have a problem there, you know? good luck xxx!

Hey, I have a question. I'm looking to get started with sex work, but I'm not actually sure where to begin. How do I meet clients? Is there anything you recommend I do or have in preparation?

babe, I’m not an escort, I’m a dancer.

Look under the courtney stodden tag. Shes the queen of stripper heels! <3

I already follow her she is so funny <3

Is it hard to date when you're a stripper?



and you know why? because you never freaking have time in the evening to go out with normal people with day jobs!

like... I'd stand you up and fold you over and make you grab your ankles while I thrust into you from behind.. or maybe blindfold you, pick you up, and toss you up and down while you hold on for dear life... just a few of many examples ;0

not a big fan of having to hold my life dear tho